Do you have a passionate interest in starting your own business? Or you already started, through an Entrepreneur profile you can develop your skills to become a successful entrepreneur through free online courses from leading accredited programs that are tailored to help you grow. These courses cut through various business sectors and are design to equip entrepreneurs to challenge business dynamics. Connect to mentors with seasoned experience in the business areas you are interested in and get free advice and expert knowledge essential in building a successful business.


Whether it’s a startup or an SME, a ventures profile avails your business to several opportunities – you can fundraise for your business through a pledging round campaign or a capital raising round or both, Add a venture profile to your account to get your venture assess to active backers and investors to support your business.


Are you looking for opportunities to invest early in potentially the next Big Thing? .Set up an investor profile that allows you to provide venture capital in listed Ventures (startups and SMEs) seeking funding on BizeX platform in exchange for equity. Get in-depth insights and notifications about the venture and make an informed investment decision.


Proven entrepreneurs, experts and institutions have access to set up profile for sharing advice, expert knowledge and distribute useful content on the platform.

About Us

Our Vision.

BizeX strives to be the largest global online networking platform connecting innovative entrepreneurs and their ventures to essential resources - promoting SMEs and Startups to become large dynamic companies. We endeavour to adapt, develop and utilise the technological resources for the best interest of our local businesses and the economy at large.

What We Do?

BizeX is a one stop online platform for entrepreneurs, Ventures (Startups and SMEs), investors, consumers and mentors, all the right elements to establishing a sustainable business in one place - an eXchange. BizeX is primarily focused on leveraging information technology to develop entrepreneurs and linking ventures (Startups and SMEs) to crowdfund product development and investor capital, get consumer and expert opinions, mentorship and be part of a vibrant exchange for developing innovative businesses. Users will have access to a wide range of online services that include online courses, market insights, fundraising or capital raising opportunities and access to productivity applications. Open an account and be part of the ecosystem!

Why Choose Us?

  • All the right elements to establishing and sustaining a business in one place – an eXchange
  • Enhance your skills as an entrepreneur and accelerate your venture by making use of resources tailored for you.
  • Crowdfund your venture and raise much needed capital from a network of investors and backers.
  • Seek mentorship from top business experts, getting the best advice to help your business succeed .
  • Keep developing as an entrepreneur and grow your venture by getting insights and opinions from your network.